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Toplantılar, Seminerler, Etkinlikler, Geziler

Meetings Incentives Congress Events

We serve as your local DMC partner and event planner throughout Turkey adressing well known main destinations.

As Bright Turizm, we are working hard to make your meetings and events successful. We provide service at every step of your events, from destination selection to accommodation, city tours to Airport meet and great services. It is our job to plan and implement the steps that will make your event more efficient.


With its experienced staff and know-how, it has made Bright Tourism a pioneering solution partner, serving Turkey's leading organizations in seminars and meetings, and breaking new grounds in its sector, with successful organizations in Turkey's major touristic regions.

Detailed Preparation Is The Key To Success

As Destination Management Company (DMC partner) in Turkey, we work to turn your needs and expectations into an event. We listen, ask questions and make suggestions to determine exactly what is needed to achieve the best results. Good communication, full transparency, detailed pre-budget, working relationship with continuous feedback are the tools we use for a successful partnership.


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Toplantılar, Seminerler, Etkinlikler, Geziler

Let's start one step ahead together!

Bright Tourism knows that getting the details right and every step of the way, from the initial proposal to the final invoice, is crucial to planning a successful event. This experience creates exciting and memorable events. .

Continuity of meetings and events ensures the increase of the company's turnover and profit.

Corporate Events Gala Dinners

Hosting a corporate event requires a special touch. Are you planning an energetic and entertaining gala event where all your customers are together? Then you need the right corporate event planning company to meet your needs. After all, it depends on your organization to make it feel like a real party and fun. In particular, professional service support will help you find and plan corporate event ideas that will take your event to the next level.

Corporate event planning is particularly different from other event planning. Because each activity can serve more than one purpose. A company can give its colleagues the opportunity to socialize by organizing a holiday. It can use year-end events to create excitement for a new direction in the “new year”. Thus, it also contributes to your internal communication.

Bright Tourism is with you on your special events! Bright Tourism plans all the details for you. Moreover, it performs the most suitable event for your budget. All you have to do is experience this beauty.

Toplantılar, Seminerler, Etkinlikler, Geziler

Internal Communication and Training Meetings

The belonging and satisfaction of your colleagues is important. Training and motivation meetings constitute a large part of the positive messages you give to your internal customers, who are your colleagues. For this reason, what it brings as added value is as important as the quality of the education provided.

Training and internal communication meetings should be events that institutions should pay particular attention to.

Starting with the destination selection as Bright Tourism; We provide services in the main lines such as transportation, technical infrastructure, catering and pre-budgeting. In addition, we are with you throughout all the processes with strategic details such as how to attract the attention of the participants during the training period.

Incoming ve Outgoing

Most of the multinational companies hold their meetings and events in Turkey. Our expertise is especially in hosting professional business partners and friends from many countries of the world.

We offer the most suitable alternatives for the participant profile, visit purposes and especially the budget of our customers. In addition to the accommodation, welcome, service and academic organizations we offer for the demands of different groups, we also host members of the press from abroad. In short, we gladly organize local services and city tours in Turkey for all guests of our global business partners.

Most importantly, we attach great importance to and implement Reconciliation and reporting services.

We organize hotel transfer and car rental organizations abroad for our corporate and individual customers, with our experienced staff, in line with your travel policy, and at competitive prices.


Toplantılar, Seminerler, Etkinlikler, Geziler

Which Virtual Environment Is Right For Your Event?

Toplantılar, Seminerler, Etkinlikler, Geziler

Virtual Events

One of the innovations we experienced with the Pandemic that entered our lives in 2020 was virtual meetings. Virtual events seem to continue to be indispensable in our lives.

In digital events, which have started to take more place in our lives as an important part of the event world; We are with you at all stages, from planning to design, from choosing a suitable platform to speaker alternatives, just like in a real event.

Now, it seems that hybrid meetings will be our indispensable priority in the new normal. It is particularly important because the two different platforms also coexist with two different events, online and offline. As a result, with hybrid events, we aim to interact with all kinds of organizations more interesting, accurate and widespread target audience.

Meetings that can be applied for different purposes such as virtual fairs, virtual tours, online meetings, conferences, congresses, launches and even business networking can be planned. Therefore, choosing the appropriate platform for the event is important. As Bright, we design special solutions according to the goals of the organization, create content and report all of these and analyze results.

Creativity and PR

In your organizations held with Bright Tourism and Organization; As a result of the interviews with you, we determine what your brand or organization wants to tell and who you want to hear and how. We create a strategy, we plan the work to be done before and after the organization.

We plan, budget and implement projects using technical, sound, light and visual systems according to the desired effect of the space. We prepare video or animated presentations that will create the most appropriate effect for the meeting content. 

With the strong PR team of Bright Tourism and Organization, we configure pages specific to your organization in actively used social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin of your organization or your brand

It creates the content language of your organization, makes its studies and reporting. Special Interview and news work. It helps your institution to make a sound with press releases suitable for the language of the channel and your corporate identity.

We are also solution partners in the branding processes of our business partners. In all our projects, we know how to design sustainable communication concepts that will serve the needs of the brands we work with, and to implement these concepts with creative and effective practices.

We offer budget alternatives suitable for the participant profile, event objectives and features.

Toplantılar, Seminerler, Etkinlikler, Geziler

Toplantılar, Seminerler, Etkinlikler, Geziler